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Copyright MalColdVisions. All rights reserved. All original works of Malachi John Paige.


Art Review based on 13 pieces of the Malachi’s “35/9 Collection”

      Malachi’s art shows social interactions/issues using both subtle and explicit images/icons.  The social interactions include couple, man-self, man-society, man-environment, man-politics, and man-culture relations.  The message is delivered in different ways using subtle, evocative, suggestive, direct, denouncing, obvious, and complex icons and imagery. 

      My favorite piece from the “35/9 Collection” was #11 “Moonhearted everywhere elsewhere” – it is an evocative piece that reflects melancholy, loneliness, mystery, and a strange connection with nature – provided by the moon image at the heart of the subject.  I believe Malachi is a very versatile artist with tremendous talent that allows him to explore multiple human dimensions and relations via different directions, domains, and media.  I am sure Malachi will go far – and be successful – on those explorations and all of us will benefit from his unique and inspirational work. 

  Randall Blanco – June 7, 2016